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After a ton of hard work (and no small amount of stress for me, and therefore, the rest of the family!) I did my Ted talk a few weeks ago. So glad I did it… I learned a ton from the experience.  And also happy to move on and think about something else! 🙂 

It was neat to be a part of the day. Lots of good speakers on a huge variety of topics. And I even had a dressing room with my name on it (for half the day!) That will probably never happen again, so I enjoyed my “celebrity for a day” status.  But the best was when I got home and the kids had all made me cards and a chocolate chip cake.  That was when I cried, because really, they are the ones that matter, not strangers!  I would not have made it through the whole thing without Gabe’s continual encouragement and his listening to me talk on and on and on about all the drama and worry. So thankful for all of my family and friends who listened, prayed, and supported me through it!  

The videos will come out in December.  But on to the next adventure!