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The  day after the TedX talk, Gabe and Josiah took off driving to Mexico. They had a father son road trip with our van packed full of stuff, and the other three kids and I flew down to join them once the time arrived. 

We are at Door of Faith orphanage in La Misión, Mexico getting settled.  We are staying in a guest house on site and getting acclimated. Currently there are 130 kids here and 40 staff.  They also host 170 American groups a year, who mostly work off site building houses, etc. in surrounding communities.  We are technically observing the other American volunteers for the first month or so, to see where and how we can fit in.  So far, we are just joining in random things.  There are 14 babies in the nursery, so we have been in to help feed and hold them, and there are always kids on the playground to play with.  

One day, Liam and Aliya and I accompanied one of the kids to his horse therapy appointment and they let the kids have a short ride on a different horse!  You can see the ocean in the background… it was beautiful.

We are looking into rental houses… so far, we saw a sign on a house for rent with a number.  We called on Saturday, the man was named Bobby and he assured us he would be in town on Monday and could show us several options.  When we called on Monday, we found out that #1, he was not in town until Thursday, #2, his name was not Bobby, and #3, he didn’t actually have any options that were available right now. LOL! 

So, it might be a slow process. But this town is much smaller than where we were in Mexico before, and a really different feel from the big city.  I like it. 

We did get to see our friends at our church in San Diego, yay, and we also caught a mouse in our house the first night. And of course, it rained, because it ALWAYS rains when we are in La Misión!  Now that we will be here longer, someone said perhaps the drought will end!  

I was a little stressed today, as I am very impatient to get our place to stay settled. But I went for a run and this was the view as I came up to the top of the hill.  It was a great reminder that God is faithful.  I am still impatient, but it will be ok. 

Thankful to be here. More soon!