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A church group here built two houses for families in the community (in 4 1/2 days!) and we went to the dedication where they gave the family the keys, a Bible and a blanket, and then prayed over them. It was great! So happy for the families and the volunteers as well. It only costs $7,000 to build these 3 bedroom houses! The families have to do their own slab and finishing the inside, so it is really a partnership with families, but the house itself is paid for by the volunteer groups who build them. It is a great ministry… if anyone wants to bring a group and build a house, let us know! 🙂 


Our own rental house hunting has continued, and while it has not been successful, it has been very entertaining:) 

1) Someone told us that there was a real estate guy who would be in his office on Thursday morning. No, he does not have a card, phone number or email. But we drove to the office Thursday morning. He is not there. No one has any idea of when he will be in or how we can contact him.

2) Someone I met at women’s Bible study invited us to look at the apartment across from her… we looked at 3 and the apartments were all too small for our family. BUT the property manager (and her friend) was awesome and he also rents out an apartment on airbandb, so if you ever want a vacation rental here, we can put you in touch with him! 

3) Someone suggested another neighborhood, so we decided to just drive through and see if we saw any “for rent” signs.  At the guard gate, we told the guard we just wanted to look for a house to rent.  He went back to his phone, and then told us, “Go ahead. The lady is waiting in the garage.”  Say what? So we drove in and looked for a house with an open garage door, and a lady, of course! After talking to her, and then the house’s owner on the phone, we determined that she only does weekly rentals, not monthly. Random. 


but here is my favorite one…

4) You may remember the “bobby” in my last post who was not actually named Bobby. So now we call him RickyBobby just for fun. He called us on Thursday and said, “Hey, I have a house to show you. I am out by DJ’s house.”  Gabe said ok and asked what kind of car he was driving. 

Ricky bobby replied, “No car. I am the shirtless guy.”  Uh, ok. I was sure Gabe heard him wrong, but we headed over that way. We couldn’t find him, so Gabe called him back, and Ricky bobby said, “Look up! I am the shirtless guy on the mountain!”  And sure enough, some guy with no shirt on was waving to us!  

We drove up and he showed us a nice house under construction, which won’t be done for a while, and when it is done, will only be a one bedroom. (We had already told him that we need a 3 bedroom)…So then he showed us another one, it did have 3 bedrooms but was completely out of our price range and not available, and he is not sure when it will be available. 


So that is how the house hunting is going…we just have to laugh! But we are thankful for the nice guest house at the orphanage where we are staying right now. 🙂 



3 responses to “House Dedications and House Hunting Entertainment!”

  1. lol. oh man. gotta love rickybobby. thanks for the update and the giggles. praying for God’s perfect provision.