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Continuation of the last post. A few more excerpts from their papers. 

How I Saw God work while we were in Mexico…

“We met a 14 yr old kid named Jose…he was very withdrawn and shy, so we started to become friends with him and buy him chocolate and just tried to help him understand that this is a good place. After a while he started to become friendlier and finally got baptized after a month or two at the orphanage. This was the first time I saw God work in the lives of the kids here.”

“I have seen a lot of miracles in my life and one of them happened in Mexico. Or at least God worked. My Dad and Seth were praying for more food for the orphanage, and two hours later, a woman from the local food pantry came and offered the orphanage a lot of food for very little money. Another time, we were praying for things and one girl, Fanny, asked us to pray for more fruit. So we prayed with her and asked God for more fruit. The next day, a woman called my mom and said she had money for the orphanage to buy fruit! We went and bought some with Fanny and the other girls. “

“Another thing I saw God do was when a truck tipped over and some of their boxes got smashed but not the food inside and the driver couldn’t take it to the store because of the boxes. So the driver prayed that he would find an orphanage and he found this orphanage and gave it to this one.”

“I have seen God work while we have been here as he showed the girls that they are loved.”

And a few more interesting comments from their papers…

“I love Mexico because it is so simple. Everyday, kids get up, eat, go to school, come back, eat, play, eat. I love my friends here and I can’t wait to come back.”

“I love Mexico!”

“Some of my best friends in Mexico are tacos, eggs and beans.”

“I like the girls and I think they know that, but I especially want to entertain the new girls that come.”

“I love Mexico and I like it more than Ohio.”

“I love receiving letters from my friends because if you get a toy, you can’t keep it forever, but if you get a letter, you can keep it.”

“I like TCM but I also can’t wait to go somewhere else to see what they other orphanages and place do and I want to see how other orphanages show love to their kids.”

“This has been a great trip and I hope to come here a lot more in the future.”

Truly God blessed our family through this time. Following Jesus is an adventure, our Father cares for us, and in spite of the hard parts, we wouldn’t trade this time for anything!!!