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Encouraging the Girls (While the Boys Climbed a Mountain!)

We enjoyed our visit from the Hylton family so much! They brought life and encouragement to us, and they just loved on the TCM kids, which in turn, made us so happy, because we love the TCM kids so much too!  

Alycea and her daughter met with the Super Pandas which was great.  At one point, Alycea said, “God sent me here to tell you how much He loves you!” And I saw one of the girls’ eyes just register that.  Although the staff tells the kids, and we tell the kids that God loves them, sometimes it takes someone else to help reinforce that, and Alycea did that for these girls. 

A new staff woman was helping us translate, but she ended up being really impacted by that time.  She shared that although she knew in her head that Jesus loved and forgave her,  this day was the first time she felt in her heart that how much he loved her!  That was an unexpected but amazing thing… and we know she will encourage the TCM kids with this amazing love that she felt!  

It was great to see God’s love flowing through our friends to those here at TCM.  Thankful for those coming along side us.